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2020 Goals

2020 Goals

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As we say goodbye to 2019, and we start 2020 its time to start to plan out some goals. I thought I would post mine on Medium, and then revisit the post at the end of 2020 and see how much I was able to achieve.

Finish learning iOS development,
and publish my first app.

I started learning iOS development on Udemy, more specifically Angela Yu’s The Complete iOS App Development Course. So far it has been really good, and Angela explains things in a great way which is easy to understand.

Goal: Complete the course, and release 4 apps.

Learn Svelte, and React.

I discovered Svelte back in October, it seems like a great JS framework with a lot of potential. I have found a course on Udemy to help with this. I suppose i should really bite the bullet and learn React as well.

Goal: Complete both Svelte and React course by June.

Start my own company.

So I’ve tried before, and never got as far as I would like. But over the last few years I’ve gained more experience and this time I’m going try to find myself a mentor to help guide me.

I am planning to setup a design & development studio, with a focus on building web and iOS apps, along with some complimentary services which will benefit clients.

Goal: Start company and have at least 8 projects completed by the end of 2020.

Be more active on Medium, posting articles

Medium is something I’ve been neglecting. And I really need to post more, along with updating older articles. I have let work take over too much and hold me back, but this year I need to start writing more.

Goal: Post at least 1 article a month to Medium.


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