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Say hello to Propiti

Say hello to Propiti

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Today sees the soft-launch of Propiti

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Starting back in 2020, Propiti began life as a property management solution. Providing users with the ability to manage their homes and find deals on their utilities to save them money.

While family and friends were looking to move home, we realised that moving home was one of the most time-consuming tasks when looking for a new home. It was at this moment we decided we needed to improve the process.

Over a few months, we spoke to estate agents and examined the moving process. We decided that it would save much more time if users could submit their housing requirements to multiple agents in one hit.

Propiti offers agents access to a “living list” of users who were actively looking to move. By using our “living lists”, agents have a quick and easy way to connect our users to the property more suited to their requirements. So how are we rolling this out?

So how are we rolling this out?

We will be providing our service initially across Hertfordshire, Essex and Cornwall in early 2022. And will begin to roll out across the UK for the rest of 2022, building partnerships in the process.

Feel free to visit the site, and sign-up - propiti.uk


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