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Digital and Work Setup

Digital and Work Setup

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My primary and only machine is my 2020 13” MacBook Pro usually attached to a 32” Samsung 4K monitor. Due to the amount of time I spend typing I use a Logitech MX Keys keyboard, paired with the Logitech MX Master 3, both are rechargeable over USB-C. I also have a pair of HomePod Mini’s on my desk for music playback. When I want to block out surrounding noises i put on my Sony MX1000-M3 headphones.


As for the software, I don’t have that many apps I use on a daily basis. When it comes to development this is what I use:

That’s basically all I use for work. I use the iTerm app for a lot of my terminal related work, like debugging. When it comes to design I use Sketch but I always have pencil and paper nearby to doodle out ideas.

As for other apps, I use iA Writer when I want to make notes or write posts and Numi is my go to calculator. I can’t live without Authy, 1Password and Apple Music, and I use Apple Mail to handle my email.

If I want to do some photo editing, I have Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed.

That’s all I have on my Mac right now.

Online Services

I use a combination of GitHub Pro, Cloudflare, Digital Ocean and Heroku along with Google Suite for domains, hosting and emails. The only subscription I currently have that is not strictly work related is Apple Music.


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