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I got a Kindle!

I got a Kindle!

It's a 7 minute read

I’ve not read fiction book since I was a kid when I used to go through Terry Pratchett books like there was no tomorrow.

Well that was some 25 years back! 🤯 And now we are in possible the oddest situation we have been in for generations! Coronavirus, or COVID-19 is all too real and people are having to stay at home to help reduce the spread.

Anyway I am not here to talk about COVID-19.

So I decided I need to read a bit more to help relax my mind in the evenings and take it away from work. With this I took the plunge and picked up a Kindle Paperwhite, then got the kindle unlimited membership.


The Paperwhite was fantastic it was small and light with an amazing screen, but has it’s flaws.

Reading on it was a joy, but it just didn’t feel comfy while reading not to mention I kept hitting the power button when I found a comfy position.

The biggest design flaw for me was the position of the power button. Stuck there on the bottom of the device! But I persevered, and went through Harry Potter books 1-3 and part way through book 4 until I’d had enough.

I made the choice to return the Paperwhite for its bigger brother. The Kindle Oasis.

Enter the Oasis

Well, this took reading to a whole new level! The side part to hold, and the buttons just felt right. And you could flip it round to read in you me other hand too, with the same comfort level.

I quickly flew through Harry Potter Book 4 and 5, which for me was an impressive feat in itself!

Since moving over to the Oasis I have enjoyed reading much more, I feel it really was worth the extra pennies because of the comfort when reading, and the power button is on top!

I like the warmer screen in evenings, and have it scheduled to warm as the evening progresses. And when laying in bed the screen isn’t now illuminating the room as with the Paperwhite. It’s just a whole nicer experience.

The story continues…

So I now have my around 60 books lined up in my to read section. Kindle Unlimited is fantastic, its like having a library membership where you take out books, and return them when you’re done.

I am still not at the level where i can read more than one book at a time though. I still prefer to read one at a time so i can take it all in and not get lost in a different plot.

I may even post a list of book recommendations on here at some point.

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