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Fixing the GitHub 'GH007' error

Fixing the GitHub 'GH007' error

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I am sure we’ve all faced the “GH007” error at one time or another when we try pushing a commit to GitHub.

remote: error: GH007: Your push would publish a private email address.
remote: You can make your email public or disable this protection by visiting:
remote: http://github.com/settings/emails

So in this note I want to go over how we sort this out.

First off we need to open terminal and cd into the directory where you want to configure the email address that you associate with your Git commits.

In your GitHub’s Personal Settings > Emails grab the email address which is mentioned in the Keep my email addresses private and looks something like {ID}+{username}@users.noreply.github.com

Now if you want to update this globally (for every repo on your computer), you will need to update git config with the following

git config --global user.email "{ID}+{username}@users.noreply.github.com"

However, if you just want to update a single repository we would use

git config user.email "{ID}+{username}@users.noreply.github.com"

Once you have updated this email you will need to reset the author information on your last commit

git commit --amend --reset-author

And finally you can push the commit to GitHub in the normal way.


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