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How to: Translate Google Sheets

How to: Translate Google Sheets

On a recent project, I had scraped data from a Spanish site. This data needed to be imported into a Shopify store, but also needed to be translated into English.

After a quick search on Google I found you could translate one cell at a time within Excel. While this is fine when you have a few cells to translate what happens when you need to translate 6000 or more.

Next up I tried google sheets, I found some extensions which claimed they could do the task in hand. Errr… nope they didn’t do anything!

I then discovered the following method, which worked a treat.

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(A1, “es”, “en”)

Once you confirm this works, drag the fill handle at the bottom of the formula cell down to apply this formula to more than one cell. :-)

You can now copy this to an excel sheet and edit as needed. Remember to remove any cells which show #VALUE!. This happens when you have a blank cell.


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