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Notes to self

Notes to self

Welcome to my ramblings on tech, development, and life.

Oh My ZSH! and the alias command

Say hello to Propiti

Create a new Rails 7 app with Tailwind

Rails 6 setup in macOS Monterey

Adding Tailwind CSS to your Rails app

"NotImplementedError" when deploying Capistrano

Installing Crystal

Crystal clear?

Welcome EMO!

New website, time for a change

Digital and Work Setup

Splitting large CSV files

PostgreSQL Tip: Resync table sequence

Rails from secrets to credentials

I got a Kindle!

Rails testing, with rspec

Webpacker and Rails 6

Let's explore before? and after? methods in Rails.

Adding Sitemaps to a Jekyll site

Counting up, a JS code snippet

Fixing the GitHub 'GH007' error

Let's talk about GraphQL

My first GraphQL API

GraphQL and Rails, getting started

Rails Snippet: Delete DB and App

How to: Translate Google Sheets

Rails 6 setup in macOS Catalina

Rails Snippet: Force drop a PostgreSQL DB

First iOS app released!

2020 Goals

Updating Ruby

Updating Rails

Jekyll tips & tricks

Jekyll File Structure

How to: Set all file names in a directory to lowercase

Setting up Rails and Jekyll (Part 2)

Setting up Rails and Jekyll (Part 1)

Getting started with Sass

Some useful Git commands

How to: Update Jekyll

Slack style loader

An overview of Bourbon

Jekyll and links…

CSS only toggle switch


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